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Railtransportation is easy

About us

"Tip-Trans" is a company that is a private owner of railway rolling stock and an operator of railway transportation in the transport and forwarding sector.

ООО It belongs to the group of companies "TIP-GROUP", which at their own production facilities are engaged in the construction and repair of railway vehicles, the manufacture of tank containers, tanks, metal structures, and AGP. "Tip-Trans" is a stable and reliable partner, which is aimed at providing quality service to their customers.

Why us?

We offer cost-effective, safe, and fast logistics routes, customs clearance and dispatch from the warehouse to the station. Regardless of the fullness of the container or wagon, the goods are always dispatched according to the schedule. Railroad transportation is considered as the fastest and the safest. The safety of the cargo is ensured by good security at railway junctions, and the containers themselves are sealed and closed. In this way, we deliver the goods safe and sound, to the desired point, at the specified time.

Rolling stock

Our Services

Railway transportation

Transportation of goods by rail is one of the most inexpensive and optimal ways of transportation. The advantage of transportation by rail is the speed, time, volume and cost of transportation. In addition, this eliminates the possibility of delays that arise during the transportation of goods by road. Transportation of goods by railway transport is the safest method of delivery, and it allows you to safely deliver any type of cargo, including heavy and oversized cargo, to the place of delivery in a few days.

Rolling stock repair

TIP TRANS carries out professional current, depot and overhaul repairs of freight cars. The organization of the repair process is built in a way to minimize the downtime of cars and guarantee the best quality of repair services. During repairs, we use only modern and proven equipment to comply with international quality standards. We provide a wide range of repair services in the field of railway transport, from painting wagons to repairing wheelsets.


Tip-Trans advantages

Railway transport company Tip-Trans provides railway transportation services...

International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation requires a mandatory list of customs documents...

Bulk materials transportation

Transportation of building materials by rail remains a favorite among medium...