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International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation requires a mandatory list of customs documents for legal and safe transportation of goods. To streamline this process, there are customs clearance rules that govern international multimodal transport.

The customs clearance point will certainly require a package of documents, which is mandatory for cases when a person wants to import goods from abroad or vice versa, to export them.

We provide customs brokerage services of all types. The 2 main types of customs clearance of goods are:


customs clearance of exports from Ukraine - clearing goods is considered a less time-consuming process. This type of TO is relevant for entrepreneurs who plan to sell their goods abroad;


customs clearance of imports to Ukraine - customs clearance is the most common type of customs clearance, because many clients want to easily deliver and sell cargo in Ukraine.

Delivery of groupage cargo by Tip-Trans implies safe and high-quality transportation of goods to the right place in the shortest possible time. Our client immediately receives a calculation of the cost of international transportation of goods, and subsequently simplified custom's clearance. If you do not plan to study in detail all the nuances of the complicated procedure of customs clearance of documents and risk a fine for simple cargo (or even its confiscation), contact the Tip-Trans customs broker. We will collect all the necessary permits, streamline them, draw up customs declarations and submit them to the appropriate authorities, where customs representatives will confirm the correctness of the package of documents and will be able to start checking the cargo. We provide professional advice on all questions of interest that are asked by our clients. We are focused only on a positive result of work with minimization of the cost of money and precious time of our clients.