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Sales of goods

Tip-Trans company offers a wide range of products that you can order on our website. In our competence:


sale and transportation of inert materials - the range of application of these materials is very diverse. They are used at various stages of building construction, road construction, production of cement and other building materials. Inert materials include: sand, crushed stone, screenings and various types of stones;


sale and transportation of bricks - the most versatile and popular of all materials for construction;


implementation and transportation of crushed stone - this material adheres well to cement-sand mortar for the manufacture of concrete;


sale and transportation of gasoline - this combustible mixture is used as fuel for injection and carburetor engines, as a solvent for varnishes and paints, for the production of paraffin and ethylene, as a raw material for petrochemicals, as well as for washing and degreasing parts, electrical equipment and fabrics;


sale and transportation of cement - cement is mainly used to create mortars, durable concrete and reinforced concrete structures, as well as waterproofing;


Sale and transportation of sand - such bulk materials as sand are indispensable elements of any construction. Its range of application is quite extensive - the production of paving slabs, bricks, reinforced concrete products. Also used in the construction of roads, the improvement of private yards and for all kinds of fundamental and plastering work.

All these products are always in stock in our warehouse. We offer delivery of any kind of cargo at the most affordable price in the shortest possible time.

We also carry out work to measure the volume of bulk materials. Using the services of Tip-Trans company you will receive accurate measurements of bulk materials with minimal maintenance costs. Using only high-quality equipment, we determine the volume of the required materials with an error percentage of no more than 2%.

Each of our clients receives professional advice, high-quality service, individual calculation of transportation estimates and fast delivery of bulky goods. Our services are available to everyone, because our policy is aimed at long-term relationships with clients.