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Wagons classification

To transport different types of cargo, different platforms are needed for their transportation. The types of cars and their designs differ depending on the purpose. Briefly about what kind of cars there are and why they are needed:


a covered wagon is an excellent option for transporting goods that require protection from unfavorable weather conditions;


gondola cars - used for the carriage of goods that require protection from atmospheric precipitation;


tank cars - used for the transportation of liquid and powdery materials. It can also carry liquefied gases and fuel;


dump car - designed for cargo, which is more convenient to unload automatically;


hopper car is an excellent option for transporting bulk materials;


car carrier - designed for transportation of cars, minibuses, trailers, etc;


platform wagon is a good option for transportation of oversized cargo, special equipment, etc;


refrigerator car - a special car with refrigerated chambers, which will help to deliver perishable goods quickly and safely.

Using this list of the most popular types of wagons, you can understand which wagon is needed to transport your particular type of goods. We are always happy to help our clients with a choice. This is done by our consultants who are ready to answer all your questions.