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Rail transportation tariffs

Nowadays, it is so important to rationally use money and not overpay for unnecessary services or goods. The cargo transportation market is no exception, because unscrupulous companies can offer a low price saving on the quality of services, which is fraught with negative consequences for the cargo itself. Therefore, it is worth knowing the prices on the railway transportation market. The following paragraphs will help you imagine more clearly where the price for railway transportation comes from and what its final cost depends on:


size and volume of cargo - oversized railway transportation is more expensive than usual;


logistic route - the price depends on the number of kilometers of track and the chosen direction;


type of cargo and wagon - flammable and explosive goods are more expensive to transport than ordinary ones;


additional costs - companies often provide additional services such as freight forwarding, cargo insurance or security. All this can be already included in the price or added as needed.

For the convenience of calculating the cost of transportation, you can use the online calculator of the cost of transportation on the website of the Type Trans company. This allows you to know in advance what to count on and plan your budget correctly.